Dodge City police warn parents of hackers targeting their children's social media accounts

DODGE CITY, Kan. (KWCH) Dodge City police are warning parents about hackers targeting their children's social media accounts.

In a Facebook post Tuesday, police said they have gotten reports of hackers sending messages to children in an attempt to get their email address and password.

The hacker will claim they "forgot theirs" and need to email something. The hacker will then use the information as blackmail by threatening to post the information unless the child sends nude pictures.

"The hackers have also threatened to hurt the juvenile and their families," police said. "Once these nude photographs are sent to the hacker they post them on any social media platform."

Police say the hackers will also find photographs and information such as addresses and phone numbers and post that information on social media to try to gain nude photographs.

Police are urging parents to check their children's social media accounts regularly. If you see any strange activity, call 911.