Dog breeder's license revoked

CANTON, Kan. (KWCH) A Canton dog breeder the Humane Society calls a puppy mill loses it federal license.

Inspectors revoked Keith and Lila Ratzlaff's licenses after what they called a routine inspection.

The USDA says it found one beagle with toenails so long they were touching the floor when the dog walked. That could cause pain or discomfort.

It also found a build-up of dirt and grime on enclosure walls and examples of dogs being purchased from unlicensed breeders.

Someone saw one dog on multiple occasions climbing up the divider panel of its enclosure.

The business had 60 dogs on-site.

The Humane Society called the business a puppy mill in four different reports. The Humane Society said previous inspections found a dog had nails so long they curled into his food pad.