Dog missing from Alabama reunited with owners in Dodge City

DODGE CITY, Kan. What do you do if your dog runs away and winds up hundreds of miles from home?

One Alabama couple recently came to Kansas after learning their had had made it all the way to Dodge City.

June was reunited with her owner this week after being lost for nearly one month. She was found nearly 1,000 miles from her Alabama home.

June's owner, Jacob Thomas, traveled all the way to Dodge City after getting the call that June was found.

"I knew Dodge City. There's a Dodge City in north Alabama and I made a comment, 'How did she get to north Alabama,'" Thomas says.

He soon learned June was much further away, in western Kansas.

"Immediately, I was just dumbstruck. How did she get that far out?" Thomas says.

A Dodge City family was driving back from vacation in Florida when they found June without a collar. They brought her back to Kansas and took her to the Dodge City Veterinary Clinic where she stayed for a week.

June is microchipped, so the clinic was able to track down her owner in Mobile, Ala.