Dog stabbed in neck and head, victim of domestic violence

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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) The relationship between a pet and its owner is close. That's why experts say animals are often times targets of the violence.

On Thursday, three-year-old Kash, a pitbull, found himself in the middle of a domestic violence situation. He was stabbed in the neck with a six-inch blade that barely missed a major artery.

The Wichita Animal Action League is now working with Kash to make a full recovery.

"He doesn't act like this bothers him at all," says Sarah Coffman, with the animal rescue. "He doesn't appear to be in much pain, and it hasn't done anything to dampen his love for people."

Coffman says the blade used to stab Kash missed his esophagus and his aortic artery by a fraction of an inch.

She says dogs are overlooked as victims of domestic violence but oftentimes bear the brunt of the abuse.

"The goal is to inflict as much pain as possible, and how best do you do that, other than taking away what the other person holds dearest in their life, and for this owner, it was her dog," she says.

Coffman says WAAL's goal now is to help Kash recover from his injuries and reunite him with the woman who owns him.

"That's our end hope that she's going to be in a safe place that she can take him back and they can help themselves get through this trauma because it's very traumatic for the both of them," says Coffman.

Kash will stay with a foster family during his recovery process.