Dollar Day at the Kansas State Fair

HUTCHINSON, Kan. (KWCH) It's dollar day at the Kansas State Fair.

That means you plan to "Get Your Fair On" for just $1. Fairgoers with a Dillon's Plus card can get in for free. You can also purchase tickets at a discounted price.

Almost as popular as Dollar Day is the chainsaw carver. Gary Keenan has been creating chainsaw art for 17 years. Monday afternoon he wowed the crowd by making a toad on a mushroom.

"One thing I know, I wasn't born to work behind a desk," said Keenan. "So, I love working outside and being creative."

The fair auctions off Keenan's artwork and the money goes back into the fair's funds.

Every Sept. 11 the Kansas State Fair celebrates Preparedness Day. Local and state first responders share ideas with fairgoers on how to prepare for a disaster. It could be something like a flood, a tornado or even a fire.

"The great thing about Kansas is we help ourselves and if there's a disaster we're really good about pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps and being prepared is part of that," said Jane Welch with the Kansas Division of Emergency Management.

The KDEM says it's important to have a disaster kit with supplies to get you by for at least three days. They also suggest talking with your children about where to go, and what to do in an emergency.

What would a fair be without cute dogs?

The "Lucky Dogs" Program saves dogs from area shelters when they couldn't get adopted.

They go to the Hutchinson Correctional Facility where a team of 48 inmates house break them and teach them obedience.

"At first we thought we were trying to save dogs' lives, we were happy to have a place to take the dogs. And then we realized it wasn't just saving them and giving dogs a chance, it's really really helping the inmates," said Sandra Bell with the program.

The dogs the become companion dogs.

So far, the program has saved 650 dogs.