Donations sought to help local recycling center stay open

Published: Aug. 20, 2019 at 9:11 PM CDT
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One local nonprofit needs help as they face the possibility of being shut down, in large part because of faulty equipment.

In 15 years,the PRo Kansas Miller Recycling Center has diverted more than 21 million pounds of materials from landfills. The organization faces major equipment-repair costs, putting it in need of donations to stay open.

PRo Kansas Recycling, incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 2001, serves as an education program, as well as a recycling center. Its public recycling center has been open for 15 years, the organization explains.

"We have diverted over 21 million pounds of material from landfills. More than 2,000 individuals, families and business people come to the center every month."

PRo Kansas Recycling says its education program "has direct contact with more than 2,000 school children and 1,000 adults each year."

The sale of its collected materials makes up almost all of the organizations funds.

"Prices for these materials are at a 20-year low," the organization says. "Most prices are less than half of what they were 18 months ago. Some have dropped by 85 percent. While volume is increasing, total income is less than half of what it had been. This means a $28,000 budget shortfall this fiscal year."

The needed equipment work includes a $2,000 repair on its largest baler. Volunteers complete almost all of the work done at PRo Kansas Recycling.

Similar operations have closed around the U.S. and the state, including locations in Clearwater, Rose Hill and Haysville.

If you'd like donate to the organization's cause, you can do so on the