Door-to-door salesmen worries Kansas mother amid Covid-19 outbreak

Published: Apr. 2, 2020 at 8:48 PM CDT
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A Kansas woman says two people trying to sell siding came right up to her front door.

"This is just dangerous what they are doing," Says Crystal.

Crystal did not want to be identified. She says the two were trying to hand her a flyer and business card.

"We just barely opened the door and told him to put the card in the mailbox, because we have a son that has stage three kidney failure and we can't risk anything at all with all this going on."

She says the two then went to several other houses on her street, even knocking on one of her elderly neighbors doors.

She was worried about what they were doing, so they called the number on the business card that was left in the mailbox.

"We complained and the person answering was coughing, so that was alarming too."

Eyewitness News called the same number. The person on the other end told us he was just doing what his boss told him to do and that he needed to provide for his family. He said he's based out of Oklahoma and didn't know he was in Kansas.

"It's spreading so fast and so easy and here they are just carelessly... and I know they need to make their money and everything, too, but now is just not the time."

Wichita Mayor Brandon Whipple says going door to door to make sales isn't responsible and people need to try to do everything they can not to expose others, or themselves.

Crystal says because of their son, they have been taking every extra precaution they can and says seeing this right at her front door is frustrating.

"It's just not smart."

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