EARP in effect for Wichita, Sedgwick County as stay-at-home order begins

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) The Wichita Police Department and Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office released new guidelines on Tuesday on how it will proceed safely amid the coronavirus outbreak and in accordance with Sedgwick County's new stay at home order which begins Wednesday.

Police Chief Gordon Ramsay said the police department's goal at this time is on education and not enforcement. He said the department remains committed to conducting safety services with care, compassion, and confidence, to keep Wichita and WPD staff safe.

“We all have a civic duty to stop the spread of this deadly virus that has greatly affected all of us,” said Ramsay. “This order is an opportunity to attack this virus head-on, working together, keeping our neighbors, families, and vulnerable population safe.”

If you have a police-related question, an issue that doesn't require an emergency response or the need for an officer to respond, you should call one of the WPD's four stations until further notice.

These stations include:
• Patrol North -- (316) 350-3400, 3015 E. 21st Street North
• Patrol South -- (316) 350-3440, 211 E. Pawnee
• Patrol West -- (316) 350-3420, 661 N. Elder
• Patrol East -- (316) 350-3460, 350 S. Edgemoor

Sedgwick County Sheriff Jeff Easter said the community should continue to call 911 - if it is an emergency - he said dispatchers will monitor the phone calls. If a deputy (or in Wichita, an officer) is not needed on scene, a report will be taken over the phone.

The Emergency Accident Reporting Plan is in effect in Wichita and Sedgwick County.

If you have a non-injury vehicle accident and the vehicle is drivable, no alcohol or drugs are involved, print and fill out the appropriate forms. The drivers involved should also exchange the following information with one another.

• Driver's Name
• Driver's License Number and State of issuance
• Home Address, City and State
• Phone Number
• Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) typically on the windshield on the driver's side
• License Plate number
• Name of Insurance Company
• Insurance Policy number
• Location of accident - Street names, intersection, etc.
• Take photos with your phone and submit those with forms.

In Wichita, drivers should complete a motor vehicle accident report by using the following link Online Accident Report. Reports can also be made by downloading the WPD App from the appropriate app store.

In Sedgwick County, drivers must fill out the following forms:
Sheriff Accident Statement Form
Sheriff Statement Form
Accident Witness Form

Those forms must then be submitted in one of the following ways:
Email: SheriffCaseDesk@Sedgwick.gov
Mail: Sedgwick County Case Desk, 141 W. Elm, Wichita KS 67213
Fax: 316-383-7005

If you have any questions regarding a traffic accident, you can call one of the WPD Patrols Stations and
speak to an officer for assistance. If you are unable to complete a Motor Vehicle Accident Report online,
only the following locations will have forms you can fill out.

If you see behavior you believe is a public health concern concerning the stay at home order, DO NOT CALL 911, instead, you can report it by calling 316-660-9000, or you can email stayathomefaq@sedgwick.gov. Utilizing these contacts will allow the concerns to be addressed and keep the 911 system open for emergency calls.

Additionally, if you have a COVID-19 question or concern or would like to speak to the nurse/medical triage line to see if you should be tested for the virus, then please call 211 or email COVID19@Sedgwick.gov.

Please visit this link to read the stay at home order in its entirety: