EMCU talks about how it investigates sexual abuse

There are at least two victims of Caleb Gaston's. He's charged with two different child sex crimes. Police are working to determine if there could be more victims.

The EMCU couldn't talk about that case specifically, but did say every case is different and they treat all of them separately. It says once someone reports any type of abuse, the child and the family meet with a victim advocate.

Then, they are introduced to social worker or detective who will conduct a specific type of interview that is less traumatic for the child, but still usable in court.

Lieutenant Travis Rakestraw says talking with young kids can be hard.

"Sometimes kids don't have a vocabulary for the subject matter, especially when you are talking about sexual abuse... developing that vocabulary so they can communicate what has happened to them or what they are feeling and then asking them open-ended questions," said Rakestraw.

He says investigators try to get an honest and accurate answer from kids, without putting words in their mouth. If they do find evidence of abuse, they will turn in the investigation to the district attorney's office.

If you think a child is a victim of abuse, call 316-660-9478.