Eagle Valley Raptor Center asks for help to protect birds after killings

SEDGWICK COUNTY, Kan. A specialized organization in Sedgwick County asks for help after recent deaths of a few of its birds.

So far, the Eagle Valley Raptor Center says it's lost four birds to something coming into the cages at night. The organization's owner, Ken Lockwood, says he needs help reinforcing the cages so that whatever animal has been causing trouble, can't get in.

Lockwood says he's tried catching the animal but so far, hasn't been successful.

"These are birds that have years of training, have to have special permits," Lockwood says. "If I lose them, I have to go through the special process again to find another bird. That can take time."

Lockwood says he needs more plywood for the roofs and people with cordless drills to help him reinforce the cages.

If you'd like to help the organization address its recent safety concern for its birds, you can find information on its website