Eastborough continues investigation into audio recording involving officers

Published: May. 15, 2019 at 10:30 PM CDT
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The mayor of Eastborough, Danny Wallace, now says he did hear a racial slur in a recorded phone call with Eastborough police. A woman tells us she called the department about a traffic ticket and heard a racial slur after the officer thought he had hung up the phone.

The mayor says the audio clip he originally heard did not have a racial slur in it, but after seeing KWCH's story and listening to the clip the woman gave Eyewitness News, he does hear the racial slur. He says the clip that he originally heard is different than the one Eyewitness has.

Friday, he says he doesn't know if the audio clip they based their investigation on is the original clip. He says the one they heard did not have a racial slur and was very muffled.

He says he's pushing for a third party investigation to determine what is the original clip and what was said by whom.

He says the officers deny they heard or said the racial slur.

"If race is involved in this, and it turns out what many think is being said on that recording, then terminations will occur and I'm more than willing to follow through with that, I'm very serious about that, " said Wallace.

The mayor says the three people involved have been put on leave pending an outside investigation. After meeting with community leaders, the mayor says he also agrees to pay for the woman's traffic ticket that she called about and require racial bias training for employees and officers.

We'll know more next week.

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