Effort begins to clean up, repair damage from powerful, persistent KS winds

From snapped power lines and power outages to uprooted trees, road closures and property damage: Problems that began with powerful wind gusts across Kansas Wednesday continued into Thursday.

While the wind began to settle down Thursday, a high-wind advisory continued for most of Kansas with gusts between 40 and 50 mph. While not so powerful as Wednesday's gusts that often exceeded 60 mph, the persistent wind Thursday caused problems for several Wichita businesses with storefront damage and doors coming off their hinges.

Frank Schendel, owner of Frank's Automotive on West Street says he's concerned his business could be at risk if his door doesn't soon get fixed.

"Besides a lot of dirt flying in the shop,we had our front door damaged when the wind got a hold of it and bent it all up," Schendel says. "You can't lock it at night, so it takes two people to get it shut and lock it up so nobody's gonna rob us."

While he needs work done at his business, Schendel says he's thankful the damage is minimal.

We got people who lost their roof, we got semi trucks turning over. So considering (we had) $400 in repairs from wind damage, compared to that, it's probably nothing," he says.

Wind damage across the Wichita area kept Lewis Street Glass especially busy Thursday. Thursday afternoon,the company says is phones hadn't stopped ringing in the last 24 hours.

"...We're gonna do everything we can to get everyone fixed up and operable as fast as possible," Lewis Street Glass Office Manager Jani Byers.

Byers says this week's wind damage will keep the company especially busy at least over the next two to three days.