El Dorado CF inmates raise money for League 42 in Wichita

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) A youth baseball league in Wichita geared toward teaching children the game and giving underprivileged young athletes opportunities to compete gets a boost from an unlikely source.

League 42 Executive Director Bob Lutz last week met with inmates at the El Dorado Correctional Facility after one of them developed a plan for a fundraising opportunity to help the league.

"One of them, Mr. Betts, approached Impact Design Coordinator Craig Carlson, who runs a shop inside the facility about a potential fundraising effort," Lutz explains. "He asked Craig if he knew of a worthy organization. Fortunately for us, Craig mentioned League 42 and educated Mr. Betts about the efforts of our league."

Lutz says Carlson told him the inmates were "blown away" by what League 42 is doing for children in the Wichita community.

"They watched one of our videos and embarked on their fundraising effort, selling dinners to Cracker Barrel," Lutz says.

The effort resulted in a $2,000 donation to League 42. Lutz says several inmates who helped with the fundraiser told him they wished they'd had an opportunity to play youth baseball, but growing up, didn't have affordable options.

Lutz says he spoke with Betts on the phone weeks before visiting with inmates at the prison.

"I'm thankful to him and to Craig Carlson for their support of our mission," he says.