El Dorado Lake releases near-record amount of water

EL DORADO, Kan. (KWCH) The Army Corps of Engineers is set to release a near record amount of water from El Dorado Lake Thursday afternoon.

This is what 2100 ft.³/second looks like. That’s 942,545 gpm or 56 million gal/hr. The Corps began releasing water this morning. If you’re checking Corps website for release information on El Dorado lake, it is incorrect," Kurt Bookout, El Dorado Public Works Director.

The Corps announced it was raising the amount from 3,500 cubic feet per second to 4,200 cubic feet per second at 2 p.m. This is about 1.7 million gallons per minute or 2.7 billion gallons per day.

"It wouldn’t be a good day to be on the Walnut River," said El Dorado Public Works Director Kurt Bookout in a tweet.

Bookout posted videoes on Twitter Wednesday showing what it looks like when more than 56 million gallons an hour was being released from the lake.

"In 24 hours, 1.357 billion gallons will have been released from El Dorado Lake, more water than El Dorado and all its treated water customers use in an entire year," he said.

More than a billion gallons of water will be sent to Kaw Lake and Keystone Lake before it eventually reaches the Gulf of Mexico.

The release comes after major flooding last week pushed the lake to 87-percent capacity and about seven feet over its flood pool.