11-year-old boy expected to fully recover after being hit by semi

Published: Aug. 25, 2019 at 10:25 PM CDT
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Eleven-year-old Emilio Corrales told his father Oscar Corrales the thought he was dead. Emilio is better known as 'Mio" with his family.

Corrales says he got the call that his youngest son was hit by a semi-truck, a call no parent wants to hear. Corrales has five children.

"First thing I asked her was tell me if he is alive or not because usually when you are hit by a semi you think the worst," says Corrales.

The accident happened Friday just before 6:00 p.m. in Garden City. The semi was traveling northbound on business 83, Mio was riding his bike southbound on the walkway portion of the bridge. Mio was visiting his grandmother in Garden City when he drove off a bike path and fell off his bike in the road. He was then hit by the semi. Police say the trucker driver immediately tried to help Mio. He was flown to Wesley Medical Center in Wichita. Several pictures show Mio is pain.

"Every little movement he did i would see tears in his eyes, i would wipe his tears and tell him that we loved him and that we needed him here with us," said Corrales.

The eleven-year-old suffers several torn ligaments, a fractured skull and other cuts and bruises. oscar says he's just happy his son is alive. Corrales says he has cried a lot and that it is difficult to watch his son mingled up.

Corrales says his son's biggest concern was if he ever was going to walk again because he is very good at wrestling. Mio placed 4th in state wrestling competition this year in Colorado, his father says he's expected to make a full recovery in the next few weeks.

"Not to be able to help him do anything, just wipe his tears away and tell him he's gonna be alright and that he's a tough," said Corrales.

The family has set up a

account to help cover some of Emilio's medical expenses.