Pregnant Goddard teachers to appear on Ellen's Mother's Day show

GODDARD, Kan. (KWCH) Ellen invited seven teachers from Oak Street Elementary in Goddard to her upcoming Mother’s Day show.

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Recently, a photo of the teachers went viral because they all happened to be pregnant at the same time.

On Wednesday (April 10), Nicole Lauer, Katie Day, Tara Johnson, Kaylee Busick, Kelli Jo Sheahon, Taylor Ballard and Tiffany Schmidt spoke with Ellen about the unusual coincidence. They also said that Katie and Tara gave birth to their babies within 24 hours of each other since the photo was taken.

Nicole, a first-grade teacher, told Ellen that she helped her through the loss of her mother and her first-born son who was born premature.

Then, Ellen surprised them with her correspondent Jeannie Klisiewicz and invited them all to sit in the Skybox for her upcoming Mother’s Day taping where she gives away tons of prizes to expectant mothers.