Public helps police find kidnapping suspect

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - Wichita Police said the public's help played a critical role in arresting Dane Wright, a man suspected in connection to three boys' kidnapping and one woman's death.

Surveillance cameras at Wholesale Liquor caught Wright on video. Jareako Bailey said he was working Friday when he saw Wright pull the Ford Focus into the parking lot. Bailey was home when his phone buzzed with an Amber Alert.

His coworkers got the same Amber Alert, and watched their own surveillance video. When the license plates in the video matched the numbers in the alert, they called police. Bailey said he rushed back to work to talk to officers.

"While we were playing the video for the cops, they got a call saying they spotted the suspect in the Dillons parking lot. So the cops went running out of here," Bailey said.

Wichita Police arrested Wright and found the three boys safe at the Heritage Inn about a block away. Wright is also suspected of setting a home on fire Friday and murdering a woman found dead inside. That woman's family asked us not to explicitly identify her, but said the three boys are her sons. Eyewitness News has not confirmed what relationship Wright may have with the boys.

Bailey said he is thankful his coworkers were able to help police find Wright.

"I'm glad my associates were able to act like they did. I'm proud of them."