Erin Brockovich tackles Oklahoma earthquakes

STILLWATER, Okla. (KWCH) It's a problem FactFinder 12 looked into months ago: concerns after recent earthquakes in Oklahoma.

Now, environment activist Erin Brockovich is meeting with Oklahomans about the problem.

Standing up to oil and gas companies: That was the message as Brockovich spoke to dozens of people affected by powerful earthquakes in the state, including the magnitude-5.8 quake that shook the town of Pawnee in September.

Brockovich used her own experience, hoping to inspire others to fight man-made earthquakes.

"Stand up and be involved. Be active," Brockovich said to Tuesday's crowd in Stillwater.

It was a small, but captivated crowd that came to hear her speak at Oklahoma State University, hope to get advice from a woman whose work is known across the country.

Brockovich is best known for her role in a successful lawsuit against the Pacific Gas and Electric Company in the 90's. Now, she's stepping in to help earthquake victims in the Sooner State.

"There's no insurance for these people. They're very frustrated," Brockovich says. "Their homes still are not fixed. They're not getting answers."

Joining Brockovich Tuesday was a lawyer from a New York City law firm, now suing the oil and gas companies. The Lawsuits are in response to two separate damaging Oklahoma earthquakes last fall that also shook Kansas.

"We're trying to get the oil and gas industry to do the right thing. We're not trying to shut them down, we just want people to be compensated, lawyer Curt Marshall says.

The two lawsuits against the oil and gas companies are pending.

Brockovich says she's also had requests from Kansas regarding earthquakes. She says she has not visited Kansas yet concerning earthquakes, but that does not mean she won't in the future.