Thompson hoped for more party support in special election

Democrat James Thompson seems to feel that the Democratic Party could have done more to help his cause for the 4th District Congressional seat.

"We need to make sure we have a true 50 state strategy in place to make all races competitive, because it can be with good candidates, and staff, and volunteers that want to put the time in,” Thompson said after Tuesday’s loss. “To do that, they need to be inspired. That requires leadership at all levels."

If we look at Thompson’s campaign contribution numbers, it’s clear he did not have comparable support from Democratic leaning PACs, as Ron Estes had from Republican leaning PACs.

Estes saw nearly 40 percent of his total dollars come from committees. Thompson… barely over 2 percent. Numbers that aren’t surprising to some political experts.

"That establishment money, the big checks, the PAC money tends to go more toward the candidate that should be favored based on party,” explained Dr. Patrick Miller, a KU Assistant Political Science Professer. “So, it's not unusual to see someone like Thompson running in a district that tilts more to one party having to depend more on those small donations."

Thompson can try and get more party support the next time around. He announced his intentions to run for the 4th District seat again, in 2018.