Evergy looking to make amends with Wichita homeowners angry about transmission poles

Published: Dec. 3, 2019 at 11:17 PM CST
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Evergy, formally Westar Energy, looks to make amends with angry homeowners after the utility placed 57 large transmission poles through a northeast Wichita neighborhood.

The company laid out a few alternative options to these large poles to homeowners Tuesday night—but some neighbors and state representatives still aren’t satisfied.

"Our goal this evening was to present a couple different options, that our engineers were able to come up with to people who live in the neighborhood, to residents who have been affected by the project, and really be able to talk about what those options look like, and get feedback that we might be able to incorporate”, said Gina Penzig with Evergy.

Evergy laid out three ideas—one option is to reduce the height of the steel pole by around ten feet. The current height is around 90 feet.

A second option is to replace the steel pole with a wooden pole. However, this option would actually add more poles to the area to support the transmission line.

The first two options would move the poles closer to the street.

Finally, the third idea is to do nothing.

As Evergy looks to the community for feedback, many homeowners in the area are still unsatisfied. Some call on the utility company to remove the transmission poles completely.

“I wasn’t happy with the options. Maybe they might be a little smaller but they're putting them in a blight area,” said Mearlin Overton.

Evergy says northeast Wichita residents rely on these poles for electricity. Representative Gail Finney says this would not have happened in a different zip code.

"You're still going to have a very unsightly neighborhood with any of the options you choose, Finney said.”

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