Experts say it's not too early to get your flu shot

Health experts are gearing up for another flu season and they are starting early.

"The head ache, the runny nose, cough, fever."

Pam Cartwright is a nurse at El Dorado Hospital. She says getting a shot can prevent you from getting the flu. She says last year was rough.

"I think it was more severe than they predicted so the flu season lasted longer than they predicted as well," said Cartwright.

The U.S government says it was one of the most severe years on record.

"People were getting pneumonia or bronchitis, they were getting dehydrated sometimes."

The state health department says the flu or pneumonia contributed to - or was the direct cause of - nearly 1,600 deaths among Kansan's last year, and those people ranged in all ages.

Cartwright says it can spread easily, but getting the shot early can help.

"Not only are you protecting yourself, but so many other people you come into contact with," said Cartwright.

Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital in El Dorado is providing several free flu shot clinics at different locations. You can find that information on the hospital's website.