Extra security at Hays High School after report of threat


Parents and students may see extra police at Hays High School today after a report of a threat.

According to a letter sent to parents by Hays High School Principal Martin Straub, it all started early last week on February 12.

Hays Police contacted the high school to request help with an investigation they were conducting into a verbal threat toward the high school by a student.

That student, who was not named, was not allowed to attend classes through the week.

On Tuesday, Straub says, a "Child in Need of Care" hearing took place and determined that the student should be placed outside of Hays.

After the deadly school shooting in Florida on Wednesday, rumors began to circulate stating that the student had brought a gun to school on Thursday and/or Friday. However, the district says those rumors are not true and the student was not at school at all on either of those days.

Hays Police were not able to find any validation of any new rumored threats, or that there was ever a gun on campus.

The principal says they are confident that the school has been safe and will continue to be safe. But, to alleviate anxiety, a Hays Police officer will be at the high school to begin the day today (February 20).