Eyewitness recounts deadly 'swatting' incident

Published: Dec. 31, 2017 at 9:27 PM CST
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Tyler Barriss will be facing charges for making the 'swatting' phone call that led police to a

shooting on Thursday.

Tyler Harris said he saw the swatting situation from a nearby parking lot.

"That's something like you think you'd see in like a video game or on the news, but you don't expect to see it like in your own backyard," said Harris.

He said he watched police hide behind vehicles as more and more officers came to the scene.

Harris later learned this was a swatting situation stemming from an argument between gamers.

"Everyone is freaking out about it because we've never seen anything this bad about it until now," said Harris. "We're now scared to play online because you don't know if that next threat is actual or a joke or if someone is just trying to scare you, so it really, really gets to you."

He said gamers have known about swatting for years, but now he's worried it could turn deadly again.

"I can't even turn on my Xbox," said Harris. "I haven't even turned it on to watch Netflix. It's had such an impact on me."

Barriss was arrested with the help of the FBI.

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