FF12: New details in Wichita baseball push

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Factfinder 12 uncovered new details about Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell's push to get a minor league baseball team to town.

Though we're still awaiting a major announcement of what affiliated baseball could come to Wichita. Eyewitness News discovered behind the scenes planning.

Hundreds of emails between city employees and the mayor show the mayor has been busy watching six cities across the country as he works to develop the Riverwalk area.

Those cities are Des Moines, Louisville, Nashville, Chattanooga, Cincinnati, and Greenville.

The emails show around a dozen different contractors including architects and engineers who have expressed interest in renovating Lawrence Dumont Stadium.

The mayor says the city was looking to first renovate the location but further research showed that wasn't possible and it will have to be a new stadium.

Longwell confirms the stadium likely won't just house Baseball. Soccer is a potential and Wichita schools may use it.

He says revealing the affiliated team the city is talking to could severely hurt the process but he says we could find out who that tea, is any day as soon as it's signed and done.