FF12: Checking claims made in Roger Marshall’s latest ad

Published: Jun. 25, 2016 at 4:00 PM CDT
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It may be a television ad, but Roger Marshall uses newspapers to make you question Tim Huelskamp’s motives and legacy.

Showing what appears to be pictures and headlines in Kansas newspapers the ad begins with this:

“Tim Huelskamp's ugly smears against Roger Marshall. The desperate last gasps of a career politician. Newspapers say Huelskamp is spreading disinformation. Deliberately misleading. The dirtiest campaign Kansas has ever seen.”

FactFinder 12 finds the first part of the ad misleading. It shows a picture of the Wichita Eagle making it appear a story was printed about the Huelskamp’s ad which played part of a 911 call and disclosed misdemeanor criminal charges against Marshall after a feud with a neighbor. After a one charge was dropped, Marshall pleaded guilty to what ended up being a traffic infraction.

The Eagle never printed a story or editorial about the ad and Marshall’s campaign admits part of the quote calling him a “desperate politician” was taken from another newspaper.

The rest of the ad creates headlines that appear in the Hays Daily News, The Garden City Telegram, and the Hutchinson News.

Although the text is made to appear like a headline, the words were taken from editorials from those papers. They were written in April of 2014, January of 2015 and January of this year. The subject matters were about healthcare and mailers, not about the most recent Huelskamp ad.

Marshall’s campaign stands by the latest ad.

“It serves as a fair reminder of Huelskamp’s well documented legacy of misinformation and propaganda. In an effort to point voters away from his 20 year political career, Huelskamp's latest smear attack on Dr. Marshall was true to form," says campaign manager Brent Robertson.