FF12: Former Trego County Rural Fire Chief charged with stealing from county

TREGO COUNTY, Kan. (KWCH) Former Trego County Rural Fire Chief Larry Eberle has been charged for stealing from the county while he was fire chief, court documents say.

According to the complaint filed earlier this month in Trego County court, Eberle submitted a voucher to Trego County for $539 to be paid to himself. The complaint says Eberle did so knowing the information was false and that he was defrauding the county.

Eberle is charged with Making False Information, a felony, and Theft by Deception, a misdemeanor.

Though Eberle is no longer working for the Trego County Rural Fire Department, the complaint says the crime happened in December of 2015, when Eberle was still chief.

He retired in January of 2017 after 30 years on the department, according to the Kansas State Firefighters Association. An article on his retirement says he served as the assistant chief for seven years and the chief for 20 years before retiring.

FactFinder 12 has filed for additional paperwork to learn more about the accused theft. We have also reached out to Eberle personally to see if he has any comment on the charges. So far, we have not heard back.