FF12: Getting your unclaimed property from the state is FREE

Published: Apr. 18, 2018 at 12:49 PM CDT
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When something is secure and locked away in a vault, it seems it's only natural for someone to want to swindle their way inside.

That's exactly what's happening with the Kansas State Treasurer's vault of unclaimed property.

"We bring in about 50 million dollars of unclaimed property a year," Kansas State Treasurer Jake LaTurner said.

Right now, LaTurner said that figure has added up to more than $350 million sitting and waiting for Kansans to claim.

If a family member dies and leaves a safety deposit box and your family cannot be contacted in five years, it will go to the treasurer's office. If a business, employer or other company owes you money and can't track you down, the same thing happens.

Once the treasurer's office gets the box or the money, LaTurner said it'll try to get it to you any way possible.

"This isn't the state's money. I tell folks that all the time. This is their money. I would be thrilled if we could give all 350 million dollars today," he said.

Unfortunately, that doesn't usually happen. LaTurner said although his office is on track to give back more this year than any year before, he said historically the office usually can return just shy of 50% of the property.

But here's where people are getting caught up. To search for unclaimed property and to get it back, there is no charge. If you go to you should be fine. But some people are searching the internet to find other links and it's causing them to fall into bad situations.

"Sometimes what happens is there are groups out there who will scam folks. They'll tell you that they'll return your money to you but they need you to give them your credit card information, things like that," LaTurner said."So we want to warn folks, don't do this. There's nothing about it that costs you anything. We don't need credit card information, nothing like that."

LaTurner said he'll call people sometimes to try to return property, especially when it's priceless family heirlooms. Even then, he said people think he's a scammer sometimes.

"It is frustrating, yeah. I mean this is a duty of our office. We really take a lot of pride in it," he said.

LaTurner wants to be clear that getting your unclaimed property won't cost you a thing. If a website tries to charge you or asks for your credit card information, you should check your web address to make sure it's

If it's not, leave the website you're on and LaTurner said if you have any questions, you can always call the Kansas State Treasurer's Office.

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