FF12 Holiday Shopping Guide: Delivery Phishing Emails

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) It's holiday shopping season and our FactFinder 12 Investigative team wants you to stay safe and smart. We've found some of the most common scams, tricks and warnings to tell you so you have the best holiday shopping season possible.

This week's scam has to do with online shopping.

If you're one of those people who prefers to scroll on your phone versus stroll through a store, we're talking to you. Scammers are sending fake emails claiming there's an issue with your online delivery.

Denise Groene with the Better Business Bureau said if you click, you're in trouble.

"These emails claim to be from Amazon or UPS. They tend to have something to the tune of there's something wrong with your package. Click this link to track it and when you click that link it downloads malware and viruses to your computer," she said.

Groene said phishing emails aren't new - they're just increasing.

"More frequent, more creative ways to get people to bite and click and they're just also getting more professional and more sophisticated on how they're sending these emails," she said.

If you're someone who saves passwords on your computer, clicking on a phishing email could put you in even more danger.

To keep yourself from being a victim, be wary of emails that go to your spam folder. There is likely a reason they did.

When you open the email, hover over the link it asks you to click. The URL should have the company name in it and if it doesn't, don't click.

You should look at the email address the message is coming from. It may automatically adjust to say a company name but you need to look at the actual address. If it's full of symbols or doesn't look legitimate, don't click on the link.

Finally, if you have concerns about a delivery, independently go and track your package. You can call a company too to ask if there's an issue. That way, you'll be sure if there's a problem.