FF12: How does Mike Pompeo compare to former Secretaries of State?

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Six years in the political arena is all it took for Mike Pompeo to become a big part of the conversation of a potential new Secretary of State. FactFinder 12 found he has many similarities to those who previously held the offices but also some strong differences.

Rex Tillerson, the current Secretary of State under President Donald Trump is unique compared to several recent secretaries in that he rose to high political power straight from the business world. President Trump tapped Tillerson to be take the job after Tillerson worked for ten years as the CEO of ExxonMobile. He's the only recent secretary to have not held high political office before taking the position.

Like Pompeo, John Kerry (SOS 2013-2017) and Hillary Clinton (SOS 2009-2013) both served in the United States Congress. Kerry was a Massachusetts senator from 1985-2013. Clinton was a New York senator from 2001-2009. Those terms came before becoming Secretary of State.

Also like Pompeo, Condoleezza Rice (SOS 2005-2009), Colin Luther Powell (SOS 2001-2005) and Madeleine Albright (SOS 1997-2001) had experience with national security. Rice served as a special assistant to President George Bush on National Security Affairs and held several titles in the National Security Council. Powell was the National Security Adviser from 1987-1989. Albright was the National Security Council congressional liaison from 1978-1980.

Pompeo currently is the Director of the Central Intelligence Committee.

Something that is common among several former Secretaries of State is the consideration of running for President. Both Kerry and Clinton made runs at the top office. Powell was encouraged to make a run but declined the idea. A run for President is something Pompeo has never voiced an interest in thus far.

Another big difference between Pompeo and other former secretaries is time in political office before taking the Secretary of State position. Pompeo began as a Congressman in 2011 coming out of business in Wichita and not having a lot of political recognition. That was only six years ago.

Other former secretaries, with the exception of Tillerson, have spent a decade or two in high political positions before being tapped for Secretary of State.

The decision to tap Pompeo as the next Secretary of State has not been confirmed by The White House.