FF12 Investigates: Looking for Lucas Hernandez

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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Two and a half months have passed with no sign of Lucas Hernandez.

The five-year-old's disappearance made national headlines. Over the past few months search teams from the area and other states have helped look for Lucas. Some groups still meet weekly, hoping to find anything that could lead them to Lucas.

Eyewitness News was outside Lucas' home near Edgemoor and Kellogg the night of Feb. 17, when police say Lucas vanished. Police canvassed the neighborhood and asked people nearby to check their property for any sign of the missing boy.

The FBI was called in to help with the search. In the days that followed, the focus of the search shifted from Lucas' neighborhood to parks like Chisholm Creek and Glen Dey in Northeast Wichita. They searched by ground, air and water but found no evidence pointing to Lucas.

Lucas' stepmom, Emily Glass was arrested on two counts of child endangerment just four days after she reported Lucas missing. Police records show Glass was suspected of using drugs while taking care of her other child.

Factfinder 12 spoke to Glass from jail and asked if she hurt Lucas.

"I did not. I would never hurt my son."

Glass told us she took a shower and put Lucas down for a nap. She says that was the last time she saw him.

Days later, we sat down with Lucas' mom, Jamie and his dad Jonathan for their first on camera interview.

"It's pretty helpless as a parent to want to comfort your children when they're afraid or hurt, or scared...and just want to be back home." said Jonathan.

Jonathan and Jamie did not want to say anything about Glass during the interview.

Weeks went by and tips trickled off. With no new information police stopped searching parks. But private search groups say they're not giving up.

"Every time we line up to search we still have that hope we're going to find him," said Julie Laforce with the group "Finding Lucas Hernandez."

Factfinder 12 pulled hundreds of court records to learn as much as possible about Lucas' life before he disappeared. We know family members in New Mexico worried he was being abused. Lucas' great aunt Sally Rasmussen told us she filed complaints with DCF in spring of 2017 after Lucas told another family member he had been hit and kicked.

Lucas' case is still an open investigation and police can't comment on specific evidence. Lt. Todd Ojile estimates they receive about one tip every week to two weeks. He says none of those tips have turned out to be credible, but he encourages anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at (316) 267-2111.