FF12: Kansas drivers running bus stop-arms by the thousands

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) In just one day in Kansas, more than 1,000 drivers ignored the flashing red lights and stop arms of school buses.

That number comes from a yearly survey performed every year. Last year, 30 percent of bus drivers in the survey reported at least one driver ignoring the stop-arm on a single day.

Parents are calling Factfinder 12 wanting more to be done.

“I've just started noticing more and more people don't stop for the arm and blow through the stop,” says Justin Wolfe who walks his daughter to her bus every day. He won’t let her do it alone because he witnesses drivers run the stop-arm almost weekly.

“It's an everyday occurrence….it's happening every day,” says Mark Marshall, director of transportation for Valley Center Schools.

Marshall says most transportation directors around the state support new technology that could help.

I would say all the transportation directors are on board for it,” says Marshall.

More than a dozen states now have some type of stop-arm legislation. It allows districts to install cameras on the outside of the bus. In some states it allows police to write tickets if the camera captures a violation.

“They have the cameras now. You can get a license plate up to 55 mph,” says Marshall.

He says it's frustrating to see drivers ignore the stop-arm on some of Valley Center’s busiest streets.

Kansas has done some extensive surveys on the issue. In a 30-day survey done in 2017, Wichita bus drivers reported seeing 6,888 drivers run stop-arms.

While new technology is being discussed across the state and in Topeka this legislative session, Wolfe offers some advice.

“It's simple. I think people are not leaving on time to get to work. Just leave five minutes earlier.”