FF12 answers some of your flu questions

The flu continues to leave its mark nationwide and many of you are asking us questions about it.

We asked doctors, and here's what we found out.

Q: Can I get the flu more than once in one season?
A: Doctors say there are multiple strains of flu viruses circulating at one time, and it's pretty rare to catch the flu twice in a single season.

Q: If you've already gotten the flu, should you still get a flu shot?
A: Doctors say you should because of the multiple flu strains. The flu shot covers several different strains of the flu.

Q: What else can you do besides washing your hands?
A: Doctors say viruses like the flu may be living on your winter clothes for up to three days. They recommend washing your gloves at least once every two weeks to kill those viruses but more often is better. Wash your scarves once a month and your coats at least three times a winter.

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Q: Where else can the flu live?
A: "Any virus can spread through inanimate objects," says Dr. Gretchen Irwin, the program director of Wesley Family Medicine. "People don't often think about it, but there was a great study done in 2014 that showed putting a single virus on a doorknob, within a matter of hours it would spread through an entire office building. People touch it and it just transfers from one surface to another."

You can find more answers to your flu questions at cdc.gov/flu