FF12 gets every fireworks ticket, nearly 19% already paid

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Out of 133 fireworks citations issued across Wichita from July 1-5, FactFinder 12 found nearly 19% are already paid.

Wichita's Municipal Court confirms 25 people have paid their tickets already. Four have partially paid and agreed to a payment plan and four others have scheduled court dates to fight their tickets.

"We was popping them out in the front, along here. You know away from the trees," Tyrone Richardson said showing his front yard and the street.

He said he was safe on Independence Day with water nearby and cars moved out of the way. He said they cleaned up their mess and moved for passing cars.

But the height of his fireworks still landed him with a ticket.

"They sit down the street two blocks down and waited until the fireworks was over and then they rolled up," Richardson said about those who gave him the ticket. He said eh was upset his neighbors were also shooting off fireworks but didn't get any tickets.

Richardson's ticket came on July 4th, though the city issued them several days surrounding Independence Day. Of the 133 tickets, 44 were issued on July 3rd, 82 on July 4th and 7 on July 5th.

Each ticket is $250.

"I'm gonna pay it cause I don't want the problems I don't want the court costs and all that so I'll end up paying it," Richardson said, though he tells FactFinder 12 he doesn't agree with it.

Just a few blocks away, Alex McClendon said he plans to pay his ticket too because he was, in fact, shooting off illegal fireworks. He said for that reason, he can't dispute the ticket.

"I'll probably just pay the ticket. But I'll probably be more active in the future as far as trying to get more fireworks legalized," McClendon said.

Both men say they don't agree with the ordinance and think Independence Day should come with fireworks.

"For the kids, you know, it made them feel like they did something wrong," Richardson said. "It's the Fourth of July. You're taking all the fun out of it."

For all others who received a ticket from the city for fireworks, there is a ten day window to respond to the court. You can accept the payment, set up a payment plan or schedule a court date to fight the ticket.

Some tell FactFinder 12 because the fireworks weren't theirs or because they believe they were treated unfairly, they plan to fight the tickets.