FF12 revisits FBI investigation involving Wichita businessman

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Prominent Wichita businessman Brandon Steven and his brother Rodney Steven are known for their car dealerships and health clubs.

But, after Brandon told The Wichita Eagle he believed he was the target of an FBI investigation, the brothers soon became the talk of the city.

U.S. Attorney Randy Rathbun told us back in March that the information Steven released is somewhat unusual.

"Generally, the public doesn't even know the investigation is going on," he said.

We know the FBI tapped the phones of Brandon and Rodney Steven as well as Michael O'Donnell, Daven Flax and Danny Chapman.

According to the FBI, wiretapping is used in extreme cases, only to combat terrorism and the most serious crimes.

Wichita attorney Steve Joseph told us back in February that he saw FBI raids at some of the men's homes including Brandon Steven's.

A spokesperson for the Steven family told us the FBI did not search Rodney Steven's home.

"I don't know Brandon or Rodney, at all. I know Danny Chapman and Daven but other than that, I was just curious to see what this was and then when I found out where they were, I knew what it was," said Joseph.

He said he believed the investigation had to do with gambling.

Brandon Steven told the Eagle he believed it had to do with his proposed casino, Castle Rock, which was never built because another casino was chosen for southeast Kansas.

After weeks of new information, things went quiet but because grand jury proceedings happen in secret, we don't know if the case has gone that far.

"I had cases that went three or four different presentations to the grand jury before we marshaled enough evidence or felt comfortable asking for an indictment," said Rathbun.

Wichita Police Chief Gordon Ramsay also said the investigation may extend to the Wichita Police Department.

Ramsay said in a Facebook video that two officers were put on administrative leave for possible misconduct and another agency would handle a criminal investigation.