FF12 scam alerts give man tools to spot car scam

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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) "She sent the pictures. It looked good."

It was an ad any car enthusiast would pause for more than a moment on. Don Chambers was with his wife at Dillon's when he picked up a magazine and saw the ad of his life. A 1965 Corvette convertible for $16,500 showed up in the magazine called "Wheels for You."

"I thought my gosh that's awful cheap," Chambers said.

It was a deal impossible for him to pass up. So he didn't.

"Well they started corresponding and sent pictures of the car, whole bunch of pictures. It looked good and everything and she said she was in her 70;s and she just lost her husband and she wanted to sell the car to somebody that would enjoy it," Chambers said.

He felt he was that buyer.

But after talking more, he said the seller told him she didn't want him to come to her home to look at the car because she didn't know him. She had a solution to the problem.

"So she got it going and said well I will have you to do this Pay Safe Escrow," he said. "What you do is you pay the money to them, they would hold the money and they would get the car shipped up here. I'd have three days to look at it and after the third day they would contact me and if it's okay, they would send her the money."

That's when he started asking questions and said he remembered what he saw on television.

"I got nervous because I've been watching Channel 12 on a lot of this stuff on scams," he said.

So Chambers did some checking into Pay Safe Escrow and the call was alarming.

"I call this Pay Safe and I says I got a question to ask you. And his answer was before I said anymore is that a 65 Corvette to an elderly woman? He says if it is, it's a scam. Because we don't know nothing about it," Chambers said.

He also called the magazine, "Wheels for You" and got a similar answer.

"I called them to let them know and they said they found out last week and they cancelled the ad but there's a lot of it out there and I'm scared people out there will try to do this and be scammed out of money," Chambers said.

Now, he's counting his lucky stars and every dollar he almost lost.

"Emotionally it's very stressful. I was lucky.

He wants others to know this scam is out there and it's an easy one to fall for.

"People will get hurt. Innocent people. Why should these people who are doing wrong benefit from these people where it's their last dime because they really enjoy this?" he said.