Facebook group aims to support local law enforcement after deputy's death

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Sedgwick County Sheriff's Deputy Robert Kunze remains on the minds of many in the community as we approach a week since he was shot and killed while responding to a suspicious character call.

Thousands of people turned out Friday to say their final goodbyes in a funeral service at Central Community Church.

Kasey Huffman and Carla Sandwell created 'Wichita & Sedgwick County Kansas Police Scanner & Crime Report,' a Facebook group dedicated to supporting local law enforcement.

The group says they want to keep showing support even after Kunze was laid to rest.

"We want to do something that touches every law enforcement officer and their supporters in the Sedgwick County area."

With about 1,000 members, the group is made up of people who are in law enforcement, or just support it. They post about things going on locally involving law enforcement.

"One of the things we are thinking about doing is setting up a support committee to make that happen to where at least we could hold an event for 3-4 days where we could get one hot meal to every law enforcement officer."

From bringing hot meals to forming a 501C3 non-profit, the group is brainstorming ideas to keep the support going.

They encourage people to join their Facebook group and share their ideas to continue supporting officers in our area.