FactFinder 12: What to do before and after buying Chiefs playoff tickets

WICHITA, Kan. In the AFC divisional round of the NFL playoffs Saturday, the Kansas City Chiefs will look to do something they haven't done in a quarter of a century: win a home game in the postseason.

A win against the Indianapolis Colts Saturday puts the Chiefs within one game of advancing to Super Bowl 53. With an MVP-caliber quarterback and the AFC"s top seed, Arrowhead Stadium will be packed.

If you're thinking about making the trip to Kansas City for Saturday's game, there are still tickets available. The Chiefs' organization ticket site through Ticket Master is the safest place to purchase tickets to make sure they're legitimate. Once these tickets sell out, you're not out of luck but you need to be extra cautious to make sure you're not scammed.

"Some of the worst (scam cases) we've seen is that they get there the day of the event, they're excited to go through the games and come to find out their ticket is fake," says Denise Groene with the Better Business Bureau.

Groene says if you can, buy tickets directly through the team's ticket broker. You can find the page to do that on the team's website.

"The problem with scammers and ticket scalpers really becomes when a game is sold out, so people are having to go to a secondary market to find tickets," Groene says.

You can still find legitimate tickets at reasonable prices through some secondary sites like StubHub.

"If somebody is selling their ticket and the price is too good to be true, they're selling it below fair market value, that's a red flag that this may not be a legitimate ticket," Groene says.

If you end up buying tickets through a Facebook group like Buy, Sell, Trade or Facebook Marketplace, Groene says to make sure you first do your research.

"Hop online, make sure that seat actually exists," she says. "You can also contact the stadium directly and see if that seat already has been sold and anymore information they can give to give you peace of mind to make sure you're not getting scammed," she says.

The same tips to buying tickets for the game itself apply to buying parking passes for the game. For $40 on the Chiefs website, you can buy a parking pass. It will cost you $60 cash if you pay to park the day of the game. You should keep in mind that some ticket sales through second-party sites may include parking passes.