FACT CHECK: FactFinder 12 looks into super PAC ad against Rep. Roger Marshall

Published: Jun. 26, 2020 at 7:12 PM CDT
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As we get closer to the Aug. 3 primary, one hotly-contested race we're keeping a close eye on is the U.S. Senate race to fill the seat currently occupied by Pat Roberts who is not seeking reelection.

With 11 GOP candidates currently in the running to challenge for Roberts' seat, FactFinder 12 sorts through campaign ads, fact checking claims for and against candidates.

Among the front runners in the bid to replace Roberts is Dr. Roger Marshall, currently serving Kansas First District in the House of Representatives.

Friday, Eyewitness News looks at two claims made in a pair of ads targeting the congressman from Great Bend.

An ad paid for by conservative super PAC, Club for Growth Action claims that as a congressman, Marshall voted to fund the World Health Organization.

When asked for its source, the PAC pointed to the voting record for a handful of House resolutions where Marshall did vote to extend funding for the federal government or to continue funding some federal agencies, which included support for the WHO. He was not alone, however. On one of those resolutions, Marshall voted "yea" along with 166 of his fellow Republicans.

Marshall's campaign responded to the Club for Growth Action-funded ad, saying in part, "Dr. Marshall has never voted for a bill that exclusively funds the WHO."

Another claim accuses Marshall of supporting "anti-Trump Republicans" running for Congress. The ad claims Marshall "handed out $16,000" to them.

The Federal Election Commission's record of individual contributions shows Marshall didn't contribute anywhere near $16,000 to candidates in the years cited.

The contributions mentioned in the ad were made by Kansas Leadership PAC. Marshall is listed as an affiliate of that PAC, but did not contribute $16,000 to any candidates, "anti-Trump" or not.

Marshall’s campaign said the contributions were “given to Republicans who were in vulnerable races against Democrats.”