FactFinder 12 looks into future for products with CBD

Published: Dec. 13, 2018 at 10:40 PM CST
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If President Donald Trump signs the latest version of the farm bill, you may see even more products with CBD a non-psychoactive compound found in hemp that many see as a way to better health.

Senator Jerry Moran's office says part of the farm bill allows for products that contain a small amount of THC. But a state lawmaker says at least for now, that's not the rule in Kansas, which means if you buy a CBD product in Kansas, it shouldn't contain any THC.

Kansas mother Amanda Nettleton says she says a significant benefit from CBD for her seven-year-old son with autism.

"It's probably the best decision we could have made for our child's care," she says.

Some believe the compound does help with epilepsy, pain, and sleep. In her son's case, Nettleton says it helps with anxiety.

The compound just did become legal in Kansas, but according to Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt and one local lawmaker, that's only the case without THC, the compound found in marijuana that gets users high.

CBD is a market that is unregulated. So, how do you know what you're getting when you buy something with "CBD" on the label? And how can you be sure it doesn't contain any THC?

Eyewitness News began a FactFinder 12 investigation with four popular businesses in Wichita that are known to sell CBD products. We bought a pain cream from Songbird Juice Company and products you can ingest from Green Acres Market in Bradley Fair, Juicy's Vapor Lounge and Shaman Botanicals.

These products are not required to label for THC, and none of them do.

However, an employee at Juicy's Vapor Lounge says the particular product purchased there does not contain THC.

Rep. Daniel Hawkins is one of the Kansas lawmakers behind the amendment to make CBD products legal.

"With it being a product with really not toxicity to it -- especially zero THC -- why should we worry about it? Why don't we make it legal and allow people to use it and try it?" Hawkins says.

Before testing the products purchased as part of the FactFinder 12 investigation, we covered the labels, then took them to the chemistry department at Wichita State University.

After several rounds of two types of testing, results show the Summit CBD Pain Cream contains CBD and experts say it most likely does not contain THC. CBD products from Green Acres and Juicy's Vapor Lounge both contained CBD and THC.

The oil from Shaman Botanicals contains CBD, but does not show THC.

Mary Ware, owner of Shaman Botanicals, calls her line of work the "Wild Wild West, since there's no regulation.

FactFinder 12 reached out to everyone involved in our investigation. Juicy's Vapor Lounge says it removed the product from all six of its Kansas stores. The makers of Hemplucid, the product Juicy's Vapor Lounge sold says it's reexamining certain policies.

Green Acres is still selling the product FactFinder 12 tested. The attorney representing CV Sciences, the brand Green Acres sales, says it's impossible to make a CBD product with absolutely no THC. It adds the amount of THC is below the federal standard.

We’re talking about our Factfinder 12 investigation on testing CBD products.

Posted by KWCH 12 Eyewitness News on Thursday, December 13, 2018