FactFinder Minute: Rental scams becoming more widespread

Widespread rental scams are targeting online rental shoppers and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) wants to make sure you know what to look out for so you don't fall for it.

The BBB says nearly half of renters shopping for a property do so online and have come across a fake ad. Scammers will steal information from a legitimate property that's for sale or rent and then change the contact information.

If your'e looking for a place to rent, the BBB says you should ask questions about the house or neighborhood that isn't already available in the ad.

For homeowners trying to list a home for sale or rent, the BBB advises watermarking photos with contact information so they can't be used elsewhere.

Also in this week's FactFinder Minute, the Kansas State Fair warns that fake websites have popped up, selling tickets for a young ventriloquist scheduled to perform at the grandstand next year.

The fair says if you buy tickets online, you need to do so through its official, secure website. .