FACT CHECK: Factfinder 12 looks into ad’s claims against U.S. Senate candidate Bob Hamilton

Published: Jun. 29, 2020 at 7:29 PM CDT
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With a little more than one month to go until the Aug. 3 primary elections in Kansas, FactFinder 12 continues to take a close look at campaign ads and fact check them to help Kansas voters be as informed as they can be.

As we continue to fact check ads for those hoping to fill the U.S. Senate seat soon to be vacated by Pat Roberts, we shift our attention to an ad for Roger Marshall and claims it makes against another GOP candidate hoping to replace Roberts.

The ad, paid for by Kansans for Marshall makes four claims against opponent Bob Hamilton, a businessman who is one of 10 candidates besides Marshall vying for Roberts' seat.

That ad itself quotes a website that purports to have proof that Hamilton liked tweets they say show support for Hillary Clinton. Tweets like one about Madonna giving a surprise concert for Clinton in New York City. If the tweet that appears on the site is real, it can no longer be found on Hamilton's Twitter account.

When reached for comment, a representative for Hamilton said the account was actually for Hamilton's former plumbing business, was not run by Hamilton personally and that Hamilton had never in his life logged onto Twitter.

The ad also features a statement claiming that Hamilton "bankrolled a transgender rights group, pushed liberal judges and pro-abortion policies." These claims are all attributed to the same source, the LGBT Mid-America Chamber of Commerce.

Hamilton no longer owns the plumbing business that bears his name and that business is no longer a member of the LGBT Mid-America Chamber of Commerce, but it briefly was while Hamilton still owned it. However, FactFinder 12 found no evidence that Hamilton actively supported or pushed for any efforts spearheaded by the LGBT community itself.

A final claim accuses Hamilton of giving his own campaign millions, but never contributing to any other Republicans.

Hamilton’s representative said he has done some fundraising, but did contribute $2 million to his own campaign. She also said Hamilton has contributed to at least one Republican candidate, but not on the federal level. Looking through contributions made in his name, going back to 1978, FactFinder 12 could not find any record showing Hamilton donated to any Republican candidates.