Factfinder 12 looks into issues canceling 'Noom' subscriptions

Published: Feb. 12, 2020 at 11:41 PM CST
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You can barely turn on a television or radio without hearing an ad for Noom, a weight loss support service gaining popularity over recent months.

For two weeks, users can try out the service for free and either continue on for a fee or cancel without being charged.

It's pretty common for a lot of services these days, but they can come with some pitfalls.

Noom subscribers reached out to Factfinder 12 and said they were having a hard time canceling their free trial after the two-week period.

A viewer called us saying she tried to cancel Noom but found there was no way to do it on the company's website. When she was finally able to complete the process another way, she said she kept being charged for the service.

On the Better Business Bureau's website, Noom has a "D" rating and hundreds of complaints virtually identical to the one we received.

We found two phone numbers for Noom: 1-800-910-7335 and 1-347687-8522. We called them both.

Each offered the same message, but there was no option to leave a message or talk to a real person. We also emailed Noom support.

After about a day, we spoke with a Noom representative who said the company's policy is to provide full cancellation of service at any point. The representative said Noom serves millions of users, so they felt like the number of complaints is relatively small.

When we asked why customers can sign up for Noom on the website but had to use the app to cancel, the representative said Noomers can cancel any number of ways, including asking their coach, by contacting support, by using the app, or on the website, an option which was added less than a week ago.

If you have a Noom subscription that you need to cancel, you can email: