FactFinder 12 looks into burglaries at Park City storage facility

Published: Jan. 26, 2020 at 9:23 PM CST
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Karen Osborn says a company she trusted allowed thieves to steal her precious memories.


Last October, her Park City storage unit was burglarized. She'd been telling the company that runs the facility, Red Dot, that the gate had been left open for months.

"They say it's a secure facility and that is so, anyone can drive through. Anyone can drive through the facility," said Osborn.

It wasn't just Osborn. Red Dot customers around the country had the same complaint.

It was the same story in Wichita, where people saw Osborn's story and then called to tell Eyewitness News their own stories.

"The gate was open for five months after they took over," said Mark Bailey.

"Three months, maybe four months, you could drive in 24/7," said Fred Meyers.

Bailey and Meyers have never met, they rent at different Red Dot locations in Wichita, but their complaints are very familiar.

Both men have had their units burglarized. In fact, between the two facilities where they rent, there were 21 reported break-ins just last year.

It isn't just the gates, but the cameras as well.

Police say the security video from Osborn's break-in was unusable because the cameras weren't properly installed.

"When they stole my trailer the cameras didn't even work," said Osborn.

Factfinder 12 reached out to Red Dot about that and about Osborn's ordeal. At the time, she only wanted an apology from the company, but they never responded. Even after the story aired, and more people came forward with their own stories.

Finally, Red Dot CEO Chris Ringenberg responded. He said he wasn't comfortable with a phone interview, but said, "We are constantly learning and making changes to our policies to best protect our customer's property."

When asked if he would apologize to Osborn - he said, "We are sincerely sorry for the unfortunate circumstance that Karen had too endure."

Bailey says he's in the process of moving to another facility.

"Anybody that's in a Red Dot unit, you need to get out of there," said Bailey.

Meyers says he'll stay with Red Dot because it's convenient, even though he remains unhappy with the service.