Fake $100 bill overlooked at Norton bank

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NORTON, Kan. A $100 bill used as a movie prop looked real enough to initially avoid suspicion at a Norton bank.

Wednesday, a teller at the bank overlooked the fake bill while cashing in a deposit. Norton police say a closer look reveals the bill's true identity as a prop.

"The paper was consistent with the real bill, but it was clearly fake," says Norton Assistant Police Chief Jody Enfield.

Taking a closer look at the bill, there's print that clearly says it's "for motion-picture use only."

To increase chances that an obvious sign like this is overlooked, Enfield says scammers usually wait until the busiest time of the day to cash in fake bills.

"If the merchant had taken this bill during a peak business hour when there was a guest coming in and they just didn't think to look at it closely, the chance of it getting passed is much greater," Enfield says.

Garden City Police Wednesday warned several police departments in northern Kansas reported counterfeit bills in their communities. This was one of several warnings that followed the latest case out of Norton.