Families enjoy Christmas at the zoo

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Some families are spending Christmas indoors today because of the cold weather while others spent it in another place.

It turns out The Sedgwick County Zoo is closed only one day a year and it's not today.

Well, on Christmas Day, we are open primarily because the animals don't realize it's Christmas.

To them, it's just another day. It's another chance for them to do their normal daily activities and so that's one of the main reasons that we are open."

Scott Newland says the zoo can get up to 500 visitors when the weather's nice on Christmas Day.

"You know, they get their kids up early to celebrate Christmas, see what Santa brought them, and by noon they're ready to get those kids outside and get some of that energy burnt off, and the zoo's a great place to do that."

But colder Christmases...like this one...let the Baerg family enjoy extra time each other...

"We wanted to spend some time as a family not just sitting around the house but we thought, "Well the zoo's open, so we'll come spend some time together."

and their favorite animals...

"Well, I like to see the tigers, they're my favorite animal. I like to see all the animals...And you like zebras right, Bentley? Yeah."

While the Baergs enjoyed a possible new Christmas tradition together they still had a message for everyone.

"We just want to say Merry Christmas...and a happy New Year."

Every exhibit is open on Christmas Day with some offering indoor spaces to warm-up.