Family, friends organize birthday party for infant with COVID-19

Published: Apr. 25, 2020 at 9:12 PM CDT
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On Thursday, Taytem Munoz who is 33 weeks pregnant became Rice County’s first positive coronavirus case. A day later, her husband and one-year-old daughter also tested positive, bringing the total to three cases in the county.

Taytem said her community rallied around her family to make a big life event a little more bearable.

“Overall, little Maryn here, she has definitely been a trooper," said Taytem. "These last two days or so she’s definitely taken a hit but she’s been a little trooper.”

A child’s first birthday is a big milestone for parents taking enough pictures to fill an entire album. But Maryn Munoz’s first birthday will be one of the most memorable for different reason; it was the day she tested positive for COVID-19.

“It was definitely very hard to get the test results on the morning of her birthday,” said Munoz.

Family and friends wanted to make sure Maryn could still have some sort of celebration. They brought balloons, presents and a cake to the Munoz’s door for a birthday party- quarantine style.

“They knew obviously we weren’t going to be able to have a birthday party or really get out to even do anything as far as get our own supplies to have our own party,” said Taytem. “She destroyed her cake. They put up a sign in front of our house to honk for Maryn’s first birthday so the community was driving by honking for us and honking for Maryn in support.”

Taytem filmed the cake cutting through Facebook Live so all of their friends and family could celebrate with them virtually. But, she said the fact that she's 33-weeks pregnant and tested positive for COVID-19 is taking its toll on her.

“You can’t really cook for your family, you can’t get up and clean as much as you could before. It’s really not an option to chase your baby around,” said Munoz.

She said the family has good days and bad days but they’re getting through the symptoms with lots of rest.