Family dog shot to death in front yard

NICKERSON, Kan. (KWCH) Gunfire disrupted a peaceful family farm in Nickerson Sunday morning and the family says the gunman was targeting their dog.

"My dog was in my yard," said Colleen Dickey, the dog's owner. "There was no reason."

Dickey says her family woke up shortly before 8:00 a.m. Sunday and heard several pops that sounded like a gun.

When Dickey and her husband ran out to investigate, she says she saw their dog "Joe" sitting by the barn.

"He appeared okay at the time," she explained. Dickey went back inside to continue getting ready for the day; when she returned back outside only minutes later, she says Joe approached her slowly and was breathing heavily.

"I noticed the gunshot in his side."

Dickey says her husband called the Sheriff's office while she called the family veterinarian, but it was too late.

"To have him just die in my arms, it's devastating, it really is."

Dickey says their nearly 3-year-old Ashkash was a protector over their farm, other animals, and children, but he was never aggressive towards humans.

"This wasn't on accident," said Dickey. "Someone did this on purpose. There's no way to mistake him for a coyote, there's no way to mistake him for anything other than a dog."

The Reno County Sheriff's Office opened a criminal investigation into the shooting. According to Dickey, the shooter left behind tire tracks and a footprint on the dirt road leading to their property. She says their vet also extracted a 22 caliber bullet from Joe's body.

Deputies with the Reno County Sheriff's Office say, right now, they do not have any suspects.

The Dickey family is offering a $500 reward for any information that leads to an arrest. If you have any information about the shooting, call the Sheriff's office at (620) 654-2735.