Wichita mother finds bullet embedded in backyard picnic table

WICHITA, Kan. A bullet falls from the sky and into the backyard where a Wichita family says its 2-year-old daughter plays every day.

Kayla Conely says she found the bullet embedded in a picnic table in her backyard Tuesday. It raises a concern because it landed there recently. She says the bullet wasn't there Monday, the day before she found it embedded in the wooden table top.

"I was teaching my daughter how to plant seeds in pea pots at that picnic table Monday," Conely says.

She doesn't believe whoever shot the gun from which that bullet originated intended to harm her family. Conely says she doesn't believe it was intended for anyone.

"You can see where the hole of it is that it left where it came down and hit the picnic table from the sky. So, it's obvious that somebody was shooting it into the air," she says. "...When we found it we were, quite frankly, pretty mad because it just unsettles you and makes you worried because you can't protect your child from something that random."

The potential for where that bullet could have been fired from is immense. A physics professor at Wichita State University says a bullet fired from a 9 mm pistol can travel for miles.

"If they fire at 45 degrees for maximum range, it could easily go 10 miles," Professor Nickolas Solomey says.

He says as it travels, that bullet can maintain a deadly velocity.

Conely has a message for whomever fired the shot that ended up finding her picnic table.

"I would make sure that they saw my little girl and make sure that they knew she sat there where that bullet came down," she says.