Family, friends gather for balloon launch to remember missing Wichita infant

WICHITA, Kan. As Wichita crosses the three-year mark since he disappeared, family and friends gather for a balloon launch to pay tribute to Vincent Moore.

While the launch honors baby Vincent's memory, friends and family say they aren't losing hope in finding him. They're hoping that in the wake of the high-profile Lucas Hernandez case, the community can rally behind that same kind of support behind Vincent's case. In the hope that Vincent can be found, friends and family say any information can help.

Any tips in the case should be relayed to Wichita Crime Stoppers at 316-267-2111.

Wednesday evening's balloon launch took place at the last place baby Vincent was seen. While the recent efforts to search for Lucas Hernandez give them hope, the reality is that not all cases are treated the same, says former homicide detective and Eyewitness News personal protection expert Joe Schillaci.

"The reality is there are thousands upon thousands of kids that are still missing in this country, and unfortunately they don't get that same kind of attention," Schillaci says. "Not because it's right, not because it's wrong - but it's just reality."

But that doesn't mean prior cases are forgotten, even after years.

"Whatever information anybody has three years later, is just as important as it was three years ago. It's everything," Schillaci says.

For those gathered for Vincent Wednesday, the hope is for the community to get more involved and to help find answers.