Family remembers four children killed in Pratt house fire

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WICHITA, Kan. Four lives cut short.

"It's hard, mind-numbing to fathom, four children gone and you want to know why," says Amy Coates.

Her niece, Charee Wheatley remains in critical condition at Via Christi St. Francis due to smoke inhalation.

Charee's four children - four-year-old Reece, two-year-old Timmy, one-year-old River and 4-month-old Harley - all died Thursday morning when their house caught fire.

Charee's sister, Kristina Morris was also at home when the fire started. She recalls the moment their entire lives changed.

"I was upstairs asleep and I just woke up to a room full of smoke and a guy beating on the front door saying the house was on fire," Kristina says.

Kristina says she rushed to the basement where Charee and the children slept, but the door to the basement wouldn't open.

"Those babies didn't deserve any of that, we tried so hard to get down there," Kristina says.

Now, the family is left with the pain of losing not only their home but the light in their lives.

"My brother-in-law is a wreck he's in shambles. He lost everything he loved," says Kristina.

Family members now look to one another for strength as the prayers of countless others continue.

They also take solace in knowing two-year-old, Timmy, is helping others through organ donation.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help the family. A vigil will be held in Pratt on Saturday at 5 p.m.